Spring Round-Up

Now that spring has finally arrived at the ranch – it was 81 degrees yesterday! – it is time to get the cattle onto their summer pasture. The new working pens, alley, chute and squeeze that Rick and Alex have worked so hard to build was finished just in time.

We put the cattle through our new system and it all went really well. Each animal was weighed, tagged, vaccinated, wormed and checked by the vet. Our vet was really impressed with how well the bovines had wintered over – yes! It is always nice to hear good news from the vet.

After a day’s rest for the humans and the bovines, we put them through the chute again and loaded them in the trailer for the long trek – OK so it is actually only a half mile – down the road to our summer pasture.

Cattle grazing on fresh, green grass. That is a good thing.  Rick and Alex got our new, bigger water tank set and filled.

The cattle seemed to enjoy checking out the new pasture. We will be moving them to a fresh pasture in a week or so, depending on how the grass holds out.

MIG:  Managed Intensive Grazing it is called. Fresh grass for the cattle and time for the pastures to recover. Good for both.

3 comments on “Spring Round-Up

  1. Lots of happy cows 🙂

  2. Tj says:

    How many head do you have now. That looks like a pretty big herd.

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