Happy Birthday Brandon!

Today is our son-in-law Brandon’s birthday.  Here he is a few years ago with his Grandfather, which in Polish is Staczyk.

We did not know Brandon when these two pictures were taken, but obviously he was a seriously cute kid.

Flashing forward a few years, when your 19-year-old freshman in college, 1200 miles away from home, daughter calls to tell you she’s met Mr. Wonderful – well, I admit I was a bit skeptical.  After we met Brandon though we agreed, he is a good guy.

And I knew he was serious about my daughter when the above picture was taken. You may not be able to tell, but in the bag Megan is holding is her cat, Lucky. The three of them are in the airport about to embark on a very long odyssey of delayed flights and extended layovers with a cranky cat who had to be sedated just to get her in the traveling bag. Let’s just say Lucky doesn’t travel well – and actually neither does Megan though she didn’t have to be sedated.  Brandon journeyed with both of them all the way to Texas. Just to show no good deed goes unpunished, here is Lucky in Texas a few months later.

She is sitting in the middle of Brandon’s laptop computer keyboard. She does that just to be annoying.

We’ve had some adventures with Brandon in the years we’ve known him, including this one where he had to carry the backpack with the water bottles all the way up to the summit of the Cascade Trail which as I recall was approximately 25 miles (though that could just be my faulty memory). We all did make it up there – though some of us just barely. And isn’t the view incredible?

Here is one of  Megan and Brandon’s engagement pictures – aren’t they adorable?

The happy couple at their wedding.

So Happy Birthday Brandon! We are glad you are in our family.

2 comments on “Happy Birthday Brandon!

  1. Tj says:

    Hope we get to meet him someday:-)

  2. […] You can see more pictures of Brandon here. […]

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