The Second Day of Spring

On this second day of spring I would like to show you some beautiful pictures of spring flowers blooming here at the ranch.

Pink tulips are my favorite.

The delicate cherry blossoms.

A lovely spring bouquet.

As I said, I would like to be able to show you pictures of these flowers blooming here at the ranch.  Unfortunately, I cannot.  Because it snowed last night.  Again.

It started in the afternoon – though the picture below looks very dark and the “dusk to dawn” light is on, it was taken about 2 pm.

By evening this was the view out the tractor windshield when I did the feeding. Yes, I can drive the tractor when necessary. Not very fast, but I do get there eventually – and so far I haven’t hit anything.

By morning we had at least six inches of fresh snow.

We had also set a new (for us anyway) record on the number of times in a 24 hour period the power went out.

Four, if you’re counting. The snow was very wet and heavy and broke trees and limbs all over town. Also took out the power lines underneath them. I felt sorry for whoever is in charge of fixing those lines – I think he/she had a long night.

So, the lumber the guys were going to work on today is covered with snow and still waiting.

And my tulips and daffodils are struggling up out of the snow. I think they are waiting too – for the real spring. Not the one the calendar says we have already.

I hope the wait isn’t too long.  Everyone around here has had about enough of winter already.

4 comments on “The Second Day of Spring

  1. Karla and Larry says:

    Dear Brick (that’s our new nickname for Brenda and Rick!); Larry says he owes you an email! By Gosh…have you ever seen such a beautiful hunk of land and all the wonderful things you have accomplished. We recognized where the Tulips and Hyacinths are planted…Around “Grand Stump”!!!! Gorgeous! Don’t feel bad, here come the snows again; power outages…been there, done that, be thankful for the generator. There is nothing more beautiful than American Alps Ranch in the snow…but it’s wet and cold and it’s time for sun, flowers and spring…Best wishes and we will “email” soon. We are happy Campers on our way to hosting a Rally in Louisiana…more later!

    • Brenda says:

      Hi Karla and Larry,
      The ranch IS beautiful in the snow, but I believe we are all ready for spring. We’ve seen robins for the past couple of weeks and the snow has melted off in the sunshine so I think we are on the way to warmer weather.

      Enjoy your rally!

  2. Tj says:

    hahaha. You almost got me there. The flowers are coming…..

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