Improved Equipment

We had another little dusting of snow this week. With the auger on the tractor the guys continued digging post holes and getting the posts cemented in. We are trying to get the cattle squeeze and chute operational soon, so we need the fencing completed.

Our post hole digging has improved a lot. When we first arrived our equipment consisted of two rock picks, a shovel and each other.

And we dug a lot of holes like that. This was one of our first construction projects, the fence around our garden.

Eventually we got an auger. An improvement, to be sure.

But the hand-held auger can’t go through the big rocks – those still have to be dug  out by hand.

Our cement mixing equipment consisted of the wheelbarrow Larry and Karla left for us and a shovel and hoe.

Now we have the use of John the builder’s cement mixer. A lot easier – and quicker – to use.

One of our friends told us a few months ago that when he was having a hard day at work at his desk job he considered just taking some time off and coming to the ranch. He would enjoy the scenery, peace and quiet and help out around here for a while. Then he remembered the post holes and the rocks. And decided his desk job wasn’t so bad  after all.

So Darren if you’re reading this please note the new equipment. The auger on the tractor goes through all but the biggest rocks. It does make our construction projects a lot easier than they used to be. You may have to arm wrestle Rick to drive his tractor – but that is another story.

2 comments on “Improved Equipment

  1. The Younger Mr. Palmer says:

    Sun? You had some sun? Wow, that sure is neat!

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