Not Over Yet

The weather the past few weeks has been amazing – it really hasn’t even felt like winter.  It’s been a great opportunity to work on getting our cattle sweep installed. The guys are filling in the area around the cement pads that the sweep will sit on.

Since we have lots of rocks available, we decided to use them as the retaining wall around the edge of the sweep area.  That area needs to be built up so it is level with the squeeze for all the pieces to attach together correctly.

We put the sweep up on the pads to see how it fits and it is going to work out very well.

And then Mother Nature gave us a little reminder that it is still winter after all.

Snow overnight! Not a huge snowstorm, just a bit more than a dusting really, but snow nevertheless.  Everything always looks so nice covered in white.

The mountains around us are one of my favorite things about living here and covered in snow they are especially beautiful.

The sun came out and already the snow is melting, but we’ve been reminded – winter is not over yet.

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