A Bigger Picture

We’ve had some very good guesses about what we are building with our cement boxes (see previous post). You folks always impress me with your imagination and creativity.  I feel it is only fair to give you a few more pictures in context so you can get a better idea about what we are creating.

In addition to the boxes I showed you last time, we (that means the guys who dug out and set up the forms and the person who watched and took the pictures) poured a cement slab. Our dog Grizzly was very helpful while they were setting up the forms.

I believe the slab is about 12 feet x 8 feet but that could be off a foot or two each way.  I was taking pictures not measurements.

It is hard work being in the way – I mean helping a lot, and Grizzly plopped down in the freshly turned earth and rocks to catch a quick nap.

Alex is digging out the footings for the slab.

Rick and John the builder pour cement.

The guys finishing cement in the boxes.

And here’s a look at the slab and boxes – all the cement we poured that day.

Does this give you any new ideas about what we are building?

2 comments on “A Bigger Picture

  1. Tj says:

    I think it is to set the chute on

  2. ML says:

    Well, I would rather it be foundation for a greenhouse or how about foundation for a cell phone tower? They even pay you for that. Practical TJ is probably right.

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