Snow Days

We have had quite a snowy couple of weeks.  Most of the time we have stayed right here at our little ranch taking care of our critters, enjoying our wood stove and watching the snow fall from inside our snug little house.

We got a call from a couple of our neighbors that they needed to have their driveways cleared, and Rick had promised to clear the church parking lot so we did have to venture out.  The snow was hanging low on the tree branches lining our driveway. We had to knock the snow off to get to the gate.

The roads were still a mess so we were glad we had the tractor. The main roads around here are plowed, but not the road we live on.

Before he started clearing snow, Rick filled up the tractor at our local gas station.

And while we were there, he got extra diesel for the tractor and more fuel for our generator too – just in case.  It is best to be prepared when you live in the sticks in a snowstorm.

I thought the sign on the side of the gas pump was quite accurate.

The buildings around town, including the post office, were covered in snow.

After Rick was done clearing snow from the driveways and parking lots, we came back home just in time to see the sun breaking through the clouds for a  few brief minutes.

I have decided the snow makes for some beautiful scenery and pictures, but I’m not going to be sad to see it go.

2 comments on “Snow Days

  1. Mr. Palmer says:


  2. Tj says:

    The photos look gorgeous and they bring a peaceful and quiet feeling to my soul.

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