That’s Entertainment

The snow from last week’s storm  is still on the ground here.  We got about 24 inches total and still have 10 inches or so hanging on.  Now that it has rained and thawed a little it is pretty much a slushy mess.  It was truly beautiful though.

During our “snow event” (doesn’t that sound official? That’s what the local weatherman called it)  one of our calves um . . . shall we say “fouled” the water trough.  Why that calf had his or her hind end aimed at the trough I don’t know; they are supposed to be drinking at the trough with their backsides pointed away so that shouldn’t be a problem.  Apparently not. Anyway, the cattle would not drink the water in the trough (with good reason).  You remember the water trough that is filled by the rain off the shed roof?

The water trough holds approximately 425 gallons and it had to be drained, cleaned and refilled.  You may also remember we have no water line out to that pasture yet, so if the rain doesn’t fill the trough we have to haul water in a 55 gallon barrel on the tractor bucket.

Since it was snowing and not raining we had to haul all of the water to clean and refill the trough.  I’m sure some of you math whizzes will figure out exactly how many trips this took.  To tell you the truth, I kind of lost count – but it was a lot of trips and a long time.

While all this back and forth and cleaning and refilling was going on, a couple of the calves made a discovery.   Though it wasn’t raining, a bit of the  snow on the roof had melted and a little trickle of water was dripping down out of the rain spout.

And these two calves were determined to make the most of that little trickle of water.

At first the two of them enjoyed the water, but then one got bored and wandered off.  The second calf, #46, stayed and played for a long time.  He started by just holding his head up to the stream of water and letting it run all over his chin.

Then he progressed to catching it on his tongue.

And soon he was trying his best to get his whole tongue up the spout. Lucky for the rest of the herd he couldn’t quite reach it.

Calf #46 quite enjoyed his trickle of water; it was really pretty entertaining to watch him.  It takes a long time for all the water to drain out of the barrel, and standing in the cold with snow up to your knees is not really my favorite way to spend my time so I appreciated the distraction.  Obviously it doesn’t take much to entertain some people.

One comment on “That’s Entertainment

  1. Tj says:

    Obviously! He is super cute though. You better guard your heart.

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