Snow Day

We had over six inches of fresh powder on the ground this morning.  As we were outside feeding the animals, enjoying the beautiful scenery and diligently taking pictures to share with you folks, this is what I see in my viewfinder.

The husband of my youth (and his) has just launched a snowball at me when I was defenseless behind my camera.  Unlike me, he can actually hit what he is aiming at so of course he was right on target.  I just wanted you all to know the things I have to deal with around here to bring you these pictures.  It’s a tough job!  I posted more snow pictures here on our beef sales website if you want to see.

4 comments on “Snow Day

  1. Mr. Palmer says:

    Nice action shot!

    • Brenda says:

      Thank you very much! I would say I carefully planned that shot, but actually I was trying to take a picture of the snow scenes and Rick threw a snowball at me.

      I know several gentlemen (and a couple who are not) by the name of Mr. Palmer – which one are you??

  2. ML says:

    We sure could use some of that white stuff in the form of rain – send it this way!

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