A Year in Review – Part ll

In June the days were warm and sunny under the snow-capped peaks. Here Alex is taking a water break after working on fencing with our 1961 Scout. 

It was also time for outdoor cooking and dining.  We had some memorable meals cooked over the open fire grill under the Gazebo that included this one of our own grass fed beef hamburgers, potatoes in foil and Rick’s favorite (NOT) asparagus.

July brought our first crop of raspberries from our very own bushes. MMM good!

July also had some very cool cloud formations and sunsets.  We may have  had some great looking sunrises as well, but I wouldn’t know as I don’t do mornings.

August was one of the driest months we’ve had here.  For us dry weather means more fencing and I did my share. And yes, folks – the fences we build are level and straight!

Our first crop of apples from our own trees were ripening in the August sun. I made an apple pie from them and it was delicious!

September was time to make sure that we had plenty of dry firewood split and stacked for the coming winter.

Also in September it was time to start building a cattle shed so the bovines  would have protection from the wet winter weather.

October brought beautiful fall foliage to the ranch. The vine maple colors  are vibrant in the sun.

The fall sunshine was perfect for our cranky cat Patches to groom herself on the shelf overlooking the chicken yard.  She loves to lay up there and look down on the chickens.

Also in October there were some beautiful fall days with the mountains peaking out from the clouds.

November had another critter in the spotlight.  Our little calf Millie was expecting a treat – she loves alfalfa cubes – and all I did was take her picture.

Just before Thanksgiving the sunshine gave way to snow.  The snow didn’t keep Rick from taking the dogs on their daily walk.

December was filled with visitors and sunshine. The heifers wanted Megan to hand over the treats.

And finally, December brought the arrival of our much anticipated new tractor.

So there you have it folks – a photo journey through the year here at the ranch.

One comment on “A Year in Review – Part ll

  1. Tj says:

    Lovely. Makes me wonder what the coming year will bring

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