2011: A Year in Review – Part 1

As I put away my tattered 2011 calendar, I looked back over the entries from this past year. It was a busy one for us! Last year was a time of personal milestones and change for our family.  Our daughter graduated from college in May.

And also in May our son completed his enlistment in the Marine Reserves. Here he is with his mom in his dress blues just after he completed boot camp in 2007.

After his service was complete, he moved to Washington.  He stayed with us here on the ranch for a couple months before he got his own place.  It was nice to have him here and it gave him time to soak up some of the ranch ambiance and culture – like driving vehicles the same age as his parents.

Then in August our daughter married Brandon, her college sweetheart.

 It still is a little hard to believe our baby is old enough to be a married woman.

As I looked back over my journal entries I realized a lot of other things had gone on here at the ranch this past year as well.  So, I’ve decided to show you a year in pictures – two for each month which was really hard to narrow down.

January brought snow to our little town and this caboose that in the summer months is a BBQ restaurant.

After the snow melted in January a crew arrived to install some fencing.  I believe those could become my favorite words – a crew installed fencing – someone besides us building a fence!

In February we got two Tamworth pigs to round out our menagerie. Those pigs are in the freezer now and boy are they delicious!

Our cattle found a little grass for grazing under the snow-capped peaks in February though they were still mostly on hay.

March brought more snow to our neck of the woods.

And it was really nice to have our favorite neighbor’s (Roger and Melanie) tractor to deal with the snow.  Some of the critters looked like they had had enough of the snow and winter in general by this time, and most people around  here agreed; it was a long, cold, wet spring.

By April it seemed spring had finally arrived. After our long winter the daffodils were a welcome sight.

Weather dry enough to work in brought . . . you guessed it – more fencing! Where is that crew when we need them?

May was time for a new batch of chicks. The old girls were not laying as much anymore and we love our fresh eggs. These little gold chicks are now lively laying hens producing eight to ten eggs a day.

The warm May weather was perfect for Rick and Alex to get all the big rocks out of the orchard.  Then we smoothed it up and planted clover and it looks great.

And that is the first part of 2011.  To be continued.

One comment on “2011: A Year in Review – Part 1

  1. Tammie and Mark says:

    All that moisture is needed now.

    Love the post and am inspired

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