Quiz – Full Disclosure

Well folks, as usual you have impressed me.  Clearly many of you are much more mathematical and engineering savvy than I am, which honestly should be no surprise to any of us.  There is a reason I write the blog and take pictures.

Anyway,  your very pertinent questions and comments (see below on The Quiz) have caused some further research on my part so I can provide you with the precise, accurate information I should have given you to begin with.

For those of you who have just joined us, the question is: How much rain will it take to fill up the water trough?

Here is some corrected and additional information you will need to answer the quiz question (unless you are in the wild guess category with me and then it doesn’t really matter):  1.  The shed is 12 feet deep x 20 feet wide;  however the roof hangs over by a foot on each side so the roof is actually 14′ x 22′ – I’m pretty sure that is important to know for your calculations.  2.  The water trough is sloped at the standard 1/4″ per foot fall and is as stated previously 10′ long x 3′ wide x 2′ tall.  3. The bulge in the trough is pretty much solved by the strap Rick put across the middle.  4.  The picture below is the official AAR rain gauge and the answer to the quiz question was calculated using this gauge.

 As you can see it is not a digital gauge; it is more the “I think the water is about up to the line” model.  Just want you all to have accurate information.  I do hope that will help with calculating the correct answer!

Since we have this additional information and need to re-calculate, I feel it is only fair to extend the answer period by a couple of days. We will now reveal the correct answer and the winner of our quiz on December 22nd.

Now, on to the best part of the quiz – the prize! I thought something hand-made from our own ranch would be nice.  Spiced plum jam is something I make every year and it is delicious if I must say so myself. Unfortunately, though our apple crop was good, our plum-tree died this summer.

So the  plums for this year’s jam were ones I bought during my Quilt Shop Hop trip to the eastside (of Washington) in September.

And you thought all we did was visit every quilt shop in Central Washington.

The spiced plum jam recipe is one I got from Mary Lou – Rick’s mom. Delicious, fragrant plums, with just a hint of cinnamon.

I had enough plums to make a double batch of jam. Every time I make jam or jelly I have a little bit left over,  not enough to fill another jar. I put that little bit of left over jam in a bowl and . . .

. . . it disappears in about ten minutes.  Rick assures me this is because he takes his job as Quality Control Officer  very seriously.  Hmmm. Anyway, he does say it is a good batch of jam.

So, get your revised quiz answers in and we will reveal the correct answer and the winner on the 22nd of December.

5 comments on “Quiz – Full Disclosure

  1. Tammie and Mark says:

    Mark has more questions( honestly he just needs to do his figuring). We’re the cows allowed to drink and if so, what was their feed ration. 😉 when you observed the amount of rain it took was downspout all the way into trough, or was the water free falling, splashing out some of the rain. He would also like to know the variety of plums used. (do you have spathy for me? I live with this guy)

  2. Brenda says:

    Tj – I can relate (he sounds a lot like his cousin).

    Here are the answers:
    1. We are basing our calculations on the first time the trough filled before the bovines were in the field – no drinking. 2. The downspout was all the way down into the trough but water was also free falling from the heavens into the trough as well 3. I have no idea of the variety of plums – they smelled / tasted wonderful though.

    Good Luck!

  3. ml says:

    The plums look like Blue Damsons which are one of the best for jam. Incidentally, the jam recipe came to me from my mom, Peg chapman, and she learned from her Mom, Mamie Probert(Thurman) who just happens to be both Mark and Rick’s great grandmother.

    Also, I fail to see what difference it makes about roof size, spouts etc. since you did not ask how long it took to fill the trough – only wanted to know how much rain (inches) it took to fill it.

  4. Larry says:

    Brenda, since you changed the parameters significantly, I have to change my answer likewise. The new correct answer (math-wise) is 1.84 inches of rain. However, since your measurement included the bulge, the real life answer will be a little over my math answer. I think I’m done now. My honey-do list is growing. Even though the Jam sounds superb, my body couldn’t take it so please donate my winnings to a worthy cause, e.g. Rick. Hope you have a White Christmas but not too White to bring the power down. You and Rick have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  5. Tammie and Mark says:

    I love it….

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