A Busy Couple of Weeks

I must apologize for my very scarce blogging the past couple of weeks. It has been very busy here! We have had two weeks of glorious sunny-but-cold dry weather.

That is most unusual for this time of year, we had over 14 inches of rain in November to give you an idea of normal, and we have been running around trying to get as many things completed as we can while the weather holds.  I will try to remember all of the things that have gone on.  We got two big loads of hay on our friend John’s flatbed trailer.  Patches the cranky cat likes the trailer best when it is empty and no one disturbs her.

With our son Alex’s help we put together a loading pen for our steers.

A brief side note here, today is our son’s birthday. Happy Birthday Alex!  This is one of my favorite photos of him.  I believe he was four years old when it was taken, which means it was approximately 22 years ago.

Back at the ranch, the dogs are always around when we are working outside.  Here they are supervising the loading pen construction.

The cattle are so curious – we barely had the panels up and they were nosing around trying to figure out how to get inside.

Our little calf Millie is still very curious too. If you go into the heifer pen she is the first to come up and see you.  She was checking to see if Alex might have an alfalfa treat for her.

On very short notice we got our four  steers loaded, transported and harvested.

No, the picture above isn’t a mistake. That was the view when we were loading the steers into the stock trailer.  It was so dark they couldn’t even see the trailer to get in.  I may have mentioned before that I don’t do mornings; so loading steers at 5:15 am ranks on my fun things to do list somewhere between jury duty and a root canal.

When we got to the farm where the steers were being harvested, after the sun came up, I wandered around the saw the cutest litters of pigs.

Doesn’t this just make you think of the line in the Christmas Carol  “asleep on the hay?”

They had about forty little pigs all told on the farm.  Two of the sows were sharing their litters – there was a  divider between them and the little piglets just ran back and forth underneath to whichever sow was laying down to nurse.

Unfortunately I didn’t take pictures of many of the activities lately. I’ll try to get caught up and get them posted.

3 comments on “A Busy Couple of Weeks

  1. Michael says:


    We are also enjoying and taking advantage of some unseasonable weather lately back here in Indiana. It is supposed to be 65 today and 62 tomorrow. Definetly not the normal December temperatures we are used to. Hope you get all of your choirs completed while your weather is good!!!!

  2. Linda Comer says:

    Happy Birthday to Alex! He shares a birthday with uncle Rodger. The scenery there is beautiful in your pictures. I can see why you love it there. I hope the weather stays good for you.

    • Brenda says:

      I didn’t know Rodger’s birthday was the same day as Alex’s – Happy Birthday Rodger! Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas in Indiana.

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