Fun in the Sun

After the big snow . . .

. . . we had about five inches of rain which washed all the snow away.  Then the sun came out and we’ve had days of beautiful sunshine; unusual for this time of year, but we will take it!  The mountains around us are snow-capped and gorgeous.

The dry, sunny weather has allowed us to finish up a few projects before the real winter sets in.  The hay feeder for the heifers is now complete.

Dolly, one of our bred heifers, is enjoying her hay.

The feeder keeps the hay dry and the cattle out of it so there is hardly any waste – a huge improvement.

The feeder allows the heifers to eat as they want to throughout the day and we only have to fill it up once. Better for them and better for us. It works for the bigger half-blood bred heifers and our little full-flood calf Millie too.

It continues to be cold but clear so we have another feeder under construction for the bull and steers. Hopefully we will get it finished and installed before the weather changes. For now  we are enjoying the sun.

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