A Flying Trip

Since we’ve last visited, we have been to Montana and back.

We had originally planned to go to Muddy Creek Ranch in Montana to pick up our new crop of heifers.  Then one of our Lowline cattle friends was planning a trip to take his cattle and said he would pick our heifers up for us  so our trip was off.  At the last minute the guy our friend was taking his cattle to cancelled so his trip was off and ours was back on.  Confused yet?  It was that kind of day – all this happened in about three hours.

 So, off to Montana we went.  Our friend generously let us borrow his stock trailer as it is a lot bigger than ours.  Even though it was bigger, it still looks kind of small next to the semi-trucks.  The big truck stops were the easiest places to get diesel and maneuver around with our load, so we stopped at those.

We spent the night in Missoula at the C’mon Inn.  A nice place to stay if you are there. And the best part of the deal?

One of my favorite places, right across the parking lot!  I love Cracker Barrel – there are items on the menu you can’t usually find.  Food that reminds me of the things my Grandma used to make – like fried okra and sweet tea.  Mmmm good.

There was snow on the ground and a chill in the air in Missoula.  We checked the weather and found out a big snow storm was headed our way, so our short trip got even shorter.  We arrived at Muddy Creek, had a very quick visit with David and Karen and loaded up the heifers.

I was amused to see Ben’s ice melting experiment on the post.  Ben, who is helping out at Muddy Creek, is from Queensland, Australia.  I don’t think he is quite used to the Montana winters.

And it isn’t even cold yet by their standards!  With the snowstorm headed our way we only stayed three hours before we turned our truck around and headed west on I-90 with the new heifers.

We really didn’t want to get caught in a snowstorm with the cattle.  We made it over 4th of July pass, through Montana and Idaho and then on to Washington.  Snoqualmie  Pass in the Cascade Mountains is the last one before we get back to our side of the state.  We pushed hard to get across before the snow hit.  When we went over at 3 pm it was raining and just a few snow flurries were falling.  By 6 pm it was snowing like crazy and the pass was closed – all night and most of the next day.  Though it was a very quick trip and a lot of miles in a short time, we are very thankful to have made it home with no problems.  And the new heifers look great!

Building A Shed

We have almost finished fencing the new pasture so now we have been working on a “loafing shed” for the cattle this winter.

I have no idea why it is called a loafing shed – maybe the bovines will just goof off here??

Our friend John the builder is helping Rick get the shed built.  

I have to laugh sometimes at the weather they routinely work in.  In Bakersfield if it rains six drops within six minutes the crews roll up and head for the shop – done for the day.

Here it can be pouring rain – well over a half  an inch in a couple of hours – and the work goes on.  Everyone puts on their rain gear and they carry on.  

So our little shed is coming together and the cattle will have a shelter for the winter. And no one melted working in the rain.



  [poh-poo-ree, poh-poo-ree] noun

1. a mixture of dried petals of roses or other flowers withspices, kept in a jar for their fragrance.
2. a musical medley.
3. a collection of miscellaneous literary extracts.
4. any mixture, especially of unrelated objects, subjects, etc.
Origin: 1605–15 < French: literally, rotten pot
Synonyms 4. melange, pastiche, hodgepodge, mishmash,patchwork.

 Doesn’t potpourri sound nicer than a a bunch of unrelated pictures or mishmash or hodgepodge?  I kind of like Melange though – next time I have an unorganized collection I may use that one.

 So here is a potpourri of pictures from the past few days.

Our sweet dog Molly (3/4 heeler, 1/4 black lab) in the maple leaves.  

We moved the cattle to a fresh paddock.  Though the grass isn’t growing back as quickly as it did in the summer, there is still enough in this pasture for two weeks or so – and then it will be time to move them home for the winter.

Cousins Nick and Alex moving my china cabinet into Alex’s new (to him) house.  Ah boys . . . did I mention I think it would look nicer if you moved it onto a different wall after I told you to put it on that one?

Rick putting on the last piece of metal roofing on our new, larger cattle shed yesterday evening.  Notice the snow on the mountains behind him?  We are trying to get the new pasture ready before it starts snowing down here – and we are almost done!

We had a load of gravel delivered for the new cattle shed and our other dog Grizzly (full blooded heeler) had to climb to the top.

And another day is done, complete with a beautiful sunset.


We have returned from our trip to California.  It was a very busy time but we also had fun, saw lots of friends and family and accomplished a few things on our list.  The biggest item on our agenda was hosting a wedding reception for our daughter and her new husband.

They were married in August in Texas and only a few of our family were able to be there.  We wanted our friends and the rest of the family in California to have a chance to celebrate with us.  It was wonderful to see everyone and have a chance to visit with them – some we hadn’t seen in years.  Unfortunately I was so busy visiting I completely forgot to take pictures, so I have none to share.  If any of you who attended the reception have pictures will you please share them with me?

We decorated with helium balloons in the wedding colors.  After the reception we gave away all the balloons we could, but still had way too many left.  What to do?  Someone had the idea to let them go.

So they found a knife and Brandon cut the ribbons holding them to the weights.

Up, up and away they went!

Just like our newlyweds who flew back to Texas.