And The Winner Is . . .

Before I announce the winner of the Family Pumpkin Carving Contest, I think we should cover an important point.  Who was the judge?

Mary Lou, shown here with Russell and Stanley the poodle, was the official judge for this contest.  Mother, mother – in- law, grandmother or grandmother – in- law to most of the contestants.

Judging is a subjective exercise – and each judge has his or her own criteria for making their decisions.  Judges are not supposed to be influenced by their own personal involvement with the contestants.  In this case though, I don’t think it hurt that one of the teams was made up of two of the judge’s recently married grandchildren and their respective newlywed spouses.  Just sayin.

As you may have guessed by now, the winning team was “The Newlyweds” made up of Amanda & Doug and Megan & Brandon – all married this summer.  The Grand Prize was a box of Dewar’s Chews which Megan is holding.  And the prize winning pumpkin?

The Flower Pumpkin!  Really?? The Flower Pumpkin???

Whoever heard of a pumpkin carved with a flower??  I believe the Newlywed team used blatent manipulation of the judge’s interest in flowers to win the contest.

Actually I know they did, because their team was right next to ours and I heard them saying “What does Grandma like?” when planning their pumpkin design.   They were going to try and add a hummingbird (another of Grandma’s interests) but decided it might be pretty difficult to carve into a pumpkin.  So, there you have it folks – The Flower Pumpkin.  And the moral of this story is . . . always know who your audience is, and it pays to know what the judge likes.

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