It has been a busy summer here.  In addition to the usual ranch happenings we have had our daughter’s college graduation in Texas, our nephew’s wedding in California and our daughter’s wedding in Texas.

In between those events some of our friends have come here for a visit.  I meant to blog about this at the time but in the midst of all the wedding preparations never got it done.  So, we now rewind to July and then farther back than that.

Our friends Karla and Larry, former owners of AAR, were here in July.  Their motor home is bigger than our house.  It is always nice to see them and they are the perfect guests.  Here Karla is watering our newly planted grass.  (And it is doing really well Karla, survived the hot spell and is spreading and filling in.)

Larry the electrical engineer wired a new light for us in our very messy shop.

I am happy to report we spent a rainy afternoon last week cleaning the shop and it looks much better now – honest.

Karla also cooks for us and the meals are delicious.  The shrimp were wonderful and salmon is my favorite.

While Larry and Karla were here we had a chance to return something to them that one of their friends lost in 1994.

For the rest of this story we must rewind further.  Last winter you may recall that we had some logging and clearing done to make way for new pastures.

Our dogs, Molly and Grizzly, thought it was great fun to dig around in the newly uncovered dirt.

Molly is the dog who loves to chew things.  One day I found her chewing on something that didn’t look like her usual stick, and it turned out to be a golf ball.  Where would she have found a golf ball?  Then I was walking in a newly cleared area and I found something peeking out of the dirt.  Can you see it?

Here it is closer.

Another golf ball!  Where did these things comes from?  And we found another.  How did three golf balls turn up here?

Then I remembered something Karla and Larry had told us.  Back in the 90’s they had a great group of friends who used to come up to AAR and spend weekends.  They helped Karla and Larry build the gazebo and had some great times here.  When they first had the land cleared, one of their friends had hit some golf balls out back.  Karla sent me some pictures.

Their friend Pat teeing up in 1994.

Here is what the area Pat hit into in 1994 looks like today.

It is now the east fence line of our new pasture.  So the golf balls Pat hit in 1994 showed up again in our newly cleared area in 2011 – seventeen years later.  All the balls we found were off to the left a bit.  I can never remember, is that a hook or a slice?

Karla and Larry were going to see their friend Pat soon after they left us, so we gave them the golf ball Molly found.

It was a little chewed up, Molly had “autographed” it for him.  It will be interesting to see if we find any more golf balls as we work up that ground next spring to prepare it for planting.

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