Ready or Not

Now that it is September we finally have our first tomatoes that are almost ripe.

We have had a long stretch of beautiful, sunny, warm days.

Which makes it hard to believe that fall is just around the corner.

This is a reminder.

No, these are not pictures left over from last year.  I took these within the past two days.  The vine maples are turning and starting to show their fall colors.

I think vine maples are nature’s alarm clock.  They remind you that fall is coming and winter is not far behind and you better be ready.

So, we have been hard at work on fencing our lower pasture to have a place for our cattle to spend the winter.  Rick and I have been making pretty good progress.

Of course, we are always happy to have help.  Especially younger, stronger help.  Nick helped unload some of the posts we hauled home from our cousin’s at The Ranch on Salmon Creek last year.

The other big item on our agenda right now is cutting and splitting plenty of firewood for winter.  Riah helped with splitting the wood.

Isn’t that a nice looking pile of wood?  I was Riah’s helper and let me tell you folks it was HOT!  Over 85 degrees and around here that is a heat wave.

Nevertheless, we got a pretty good amount of wood cut and stacked.  Some of those logs we split were the ones cut almost five years ago – the first year we owned AAR.  I think they should be pretty well seasoned by now, don’t you?

So like the ant in the children’s story, we will keep plugging along to prepare for the coming winter.  We have learned that ready or not, winter weather comes here; and it is a lot easier if you are prepared.  I confess when we are working on fencing in the hot sun I sometimes think of sitting in front of a blazing fire in the woodstove looking out the window at the softly falling snow, drinking a nice cup of hot chocolate.  I plan to enjoy it.

One comment on “Ready or Not

  1. Tj says:

    I began eating our first tomatoes last week and got our first green beans this week. Such a strange cool summer. Looks like you have a head start on winter preparedness though as our woodshed is empty!

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