Back to the Fence Posts

Now that the wedding celebration and travel and hoopla has concluded it is time to get back to the real world.  The one where we have fences to build.  We cement in our wood posts because as Rick says “I never want to do this post again.”

So here are our three new posts all cemented in.  Only 20 more to go on this field, and then the T Posts and then the wire.  I never want to do this again either.  Couldn’t we just take the cows out to the grass and tether them like they did on Little House on the Prarie?  It worked for them.  Actually I shouldn’t complain – I didn’t even have to dig those holes.  Alex and Rick did them – yeah!  And they only broke four bolts on the auger in the rocks.

Down the fence line – where Molly is walking –  a few little pine trees are in the way of the new fence.

So Rick gets to play with his chainsaw and cut down the offending trees.

They always seem a lot bigger when they come down.

And now the fence line is clear and ready to have more posts installed.

Apparently it is quite exhausting watching Rick and I cement posts and cut and haul and stack trees.  The dogs needed a nap.

3 comments on “Back to the Fence Posts

  1. ml says:

    where’s Nick and his chain saw when you need him? Loved the picture of the dogs.

  2. Tj says:

    I think you are cheating because your ground is flat.

  3. Nick Dude says:

    So… Looks Great! I like the burn pile, very neat.
    I still think Rick’s chain saw looks like a toy.
    Rick, Did you hit any rocks with that very sharp chain?

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