Next month we will celebrate our 5th Anniversary of owning this property.  Sometimes it seems we have been working on our little ranch forever without making a whole lot of progress.  I was looking back over some old photos and I realized we have accomplished a few things in our five years.  This was our first garden.

Out in the middle of our cleared area; no shed, orchard or anything else built yet.  Actually the picture above isn’t the very beginning of our garden, when we first put in a garden row we didn’t have the fence up yet so we laid the fencing on the ground next to the row.  It did keep the deer away until we got the post holes dug and the fence posts in!

It seems like we have installed a lot of fencing – and we still have more to do.

We have also dug out a lot of rocks.  More rocks than I could ever have imagined!

After the rocks are out, we’ve tilled and amended the garden soil.  It was pretty poor when we started; very thin and acidic. 

We’ve kept at it though and now we can grow some nice garden crops.

And we have the orchard and shed done too – not to mention fencing.  Lots of fencing.

It is nice to be reminded that we have made some progress.

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