Wordless Guest Blogger? Well Almost Wordless…

We are Nick and Riah and we have the pleasure to do a guest blog.  Riah and I recently spent a weekend on Diablo Lake.  Canoeing all around and camping in a canoe in- only camp site.  We had Lots of fun, though we found out that when the wind picks up canoeing becomes much harder.  Who knew right?  We didn’t.  Beginners luck… We also found out that when the Canoe is loaded down it is MUCH slower.

Can you believe that the camp site was free?

The water has that green tint because it is freezing cold and is glacier run-off.  I have never been in water that cold.  I guess I’m just a wimp, but back home we have lakes that are warm and inviting to swim in…. It has been my experience that the lakes up here are nice to look at, but not so nice to swim in, unless you have a wet suit.

Over all the outing was a huge success!

Milk Mustache

As I was walking by the pasture Millie our new calf was nursing while her Mama Dusty waited patiently.


When Millie heard me she turned around .

Obviously I had interrupted her meal; and she was wearing most of it all over her face.

Millie walked over to see if I might have any treats.  Why does every animal we have think of treats when they see us? I think we  have some very spoiled critters.

And very cute too.


Rick and Alex have been working on digging fence post holes for the fencing around our lower pasture.  The good news? There are not as many rocks in that area – yeah!  At one time that part of our land was part of the riverbed and there are a lot less rocks and the soil is much better there.

They only hit a few small rocks on these holes – not the dozens of huge ones we are used to.

Around here, if you are down at their level, a critter or two will show up to “help.”  Of course they are no help at all and generally in the way, but they are sometimes entertaining.

After the holes were finished and Alex went off to work, Rick and I walked down to the pasture this evening.  This time Harry the cat was the entertainment.

Harry seems to think the string we pulled for the fence line is some kind of plaything.

I hope he doesn’t chew the string in two before we get the fence posts completed.

Back to the Fence Posts

Now that the wedding celebration and travel and hoopla has concluded it is time to get back to the real world.  The one where we have fences to build.  We cement in our wood posts because as Rick says “I never want to do this post again.”

So here are our three new posts all cemented in.  Only 20 more to go on this field, and then the T Posts and then the wire.  I never want to do this again either.  Couldn’t we just take the cows out to the grass and tether them like they did on Little House on the Prarie?  It worked for them.  Actually I shouldn’t complain – I didn’t even have to dig those holes.  Alex and Rick did them – yeah!  And they only broke four bolts on the auger in the rocks.

Down the fence line – where Molly is walking –  a few little pine trees are in the way of the new fence.

So Rick gets to play with his chainsaw and cut down the offending trees.

They always seem a lot bigger when they come down.

And now the fence line is clear and ready to have more posts installed.

Apparently it is quite exhausting watching Rick and I cement posts and cut and haul and stack trees.  The dogs needed a nap.

The Wedding

We’ve had a couple of good night’s sleep since we returned from Texas and our daughter’s wedding, so hopefully I am now coherent enough to share a few more pictures with you.

Before you get to the actual wedding ceremony there is the decorating for the reception.  How many engineers does it take to put up twinkle lights?

Seven – three are shown here but they worked in teams.  They only had to take them down and start again three times.  While they were at it they used words like apex, trajectory, radius and other technical terms that are not in my vocabulary.  Since the lights required power cords they had to be covered so they wouldn’t show through the white draping.  It takes a long time to cover that many extension cords.  Thank goodness Brandon’s family was out in force doing whatever had to be done.

After days of decorating, it was off to the rehearsal.  I loved the church, it was truly beautiful and the huge pipe organ had awesome sound.

After the rehearsal, dinner at a location with some local flavor.

The wedding day started early with a trip to the salon for the bride and bridesmaids.

Pedicures, make-up and hair styling.  Those wedding styles require a lot of poofing and pins.

After a quick lunch, we were off to the church to get dressed and start taking photos.  Either I don’t remember clearly my own wedding photos – quite possible, that was a long time ago – or they take a lot more pictures nowadays.  By my calculations, the photographer took pictures for a total of ten hours at the wedding and reception.  She did a great job and I’m looking forward to seeing the pictures.

A picture of the bride and her mother for those who say I’m never in any of the pictures.

The bride and groom.

The reception was beautiful and fun and I have no pictures of that event.  I decided to put down my camera for once and just enjoy the moment.  I can report that the twinkle lights so painstakingly installed by the engineers were lovely as was the whole hall.  We all participated in some new-to-us wedding traditions; some Polish, some Texan and some Aggie.  Those folks really know how to throw a party!

The next day the California contingent had lunch with the newlyweds.  We really appreciated our family that flew a very long way to celebrate with us.

Opening wedding gifts was next.  They were given some lovely things, like this handmade quilt from Megan’s Aunt Margaret.

And then it was done.  I wasn’t the only one who was exhausted; Brandon’s brother didn’t even last through opening all the gifts.

Planning a wedding in a state where you don’t live, in a town two and a half hours away from the bride and groom is tricky.  We are so grateful to Brandon’s parents, Steve and Rill, for all their hard work making the wedding day just perfect.  And we had wonderful people to work with.  If you are planning a wedding in San Antonio, Texas I can give you the names of a great team of caterer, florist, baker, decorator and photographer.

And now the happy newlyweds are off on their honeymoon.

A Quick Report

We have just returned from Texas and our daughter’s wedding.  I must apologize to all my blog readers, I have sadly neglected my blogging the past few weeks while I concentrated on being the mother of the bride. Never had that job before, but I can tell you it is pretty much like the rest of parenting.  A lot of work, and lot of fun, wonderful, time-consuming, expensive and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  We are exhausted from the festivities and the long trip home, but I just couldn’t resist sharing a quick couple of photos.

Megan the bride.

Megan and Brandon, husband and wife.

More details to follow when the parents recover.