Too Much of a Good Thing?

If you are going to grow grass fed beef, you need grass. 

Lots of grass actually. At the beginning of the growing season, this was taken in February I believe, the pasture is still pretty wet and recovering from winter.  We supplement the sparse grass with hay.

By April the grass has recovered nicely and we are rotating the cattle between the paddocks.  It only takes a few days in each area until it is grazed down and we move the cattle on to the next area.

Then the rains came down and the grass came up.  It came up so far it is now hard to see the cattle.

The bovines don’t really like eating the tall grasses; they much prefer the young, tender shoots and are very selective about finding them.  

Ideally the cattle would eat the grass down before it got this tall – but we don’t have enough cattle yet to keep up with pasture grasses in this very wet and productive year.

Considering the drought and heat much of the country is enduring this summer, having too much grass doesn’t seem like such a bad thing.

We are very thankful that our biggest problem is so much rain and fertile pasture that we have a lot of extra grass.

One comment on “Too Much of a Good Thing?

  1. Tj says:

    GRass envy here

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