The Orchard

You may remember we fenced in a small orchard next to the garden.  We didn’t really do anything to it except dig holes for the fruit trees we planted.  We took out the rocks in the tree holes, amended the soil and planted trees. This Liberty apple is doing really well.

The grass growing in between the trees was not doing so well.

In hindsight  – why is hindsight always so much clearer – we should have dug out the rocks first.  It turns out even grass won’t grow very well in huge rocks.  So, to correct this situation, we are digging the rocks out now.  Thankfully, we have the use of our favorite neighbor’s Roger & Melanie’s tractor.

Even with the tractor however, digging and loading this many rocks is a lot of work.  We are also fortunate that our son Alex is staying with us for a while so we have some extra help.

After all the rocks, well at least most of the rocks, have been removed there were a lot of holes to fill in.  Karla, previous owner of AAR, says if we ever de-rocked the whole place our ground level would sink by a few feet.  I think I agree with her.

So Rick dumped loads of fill dirt and then there was a lot of shoveling, and raking to do.

Eventually it was all pretty smooth and we added our chicken compost that had aged over the winter and raked that in.

Rick seeded a mix of orchard grass and clover.

It took a few days, but now you can see the green sprouts pretty well.

And now our orchard is green – with no rocks showing!  We just need to replace three trees that didn’t survive and it will be done.

3 comments on “The Orchard

  1. Tj says:

    Your place is so cute. We have got to get there sometime this year.

  2. ml says:

    Next thing you know, you’ll be in Better Homes and Gardens! Kidding aside, it is really looking good.

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