Weekend at the Ranch – Part 2

At long last I am getting back to the Weekend at the Ranch.  However, so much time has now passed that we have two weekend visits to cover.  I have decided that though these are two separate events weeks apart involving some but not all of the same people, in the interest of convenience – my own – I will treat them as one.  Confused yet?  Good, let’s continue.

Nick has a very elaborate method for starting a fire.  It does work well.

Both weekends we grilled food on the open fire under the gazebo.  Everything tastes better grilled on the open fire and grilled asparagus is one of my favorites.

The grass-fed beef hamburgers were delicious if I do say so myself.

Then it was on to shooting. I’ve noticed a pattern.  Whenever Nick is here there is fire and shooting – not necessarily in that order.  First you must construct the targets.

Some of the targets are more professional than others. I guess it is a good thing we hadn’t been to the dump lately so we had lots of empty containers to choose from.

  Riah is a pretty good shot.

Nick shooting his new gun; every time I see him he has a new gun.   I would tell you what type of gun it is and what caliber and velocity and such except I have no idea.  I’m not into guns.

Rick takes his turn shooting. I would show you pictures of me displaying my shooting prowess except I really don’t shoot.  My family says if I happen to be aiming at you with a gun,  you would be pretty safe because I don’t hit anything I’m aiming at. I would be really offended by that if it weren’t true.

Nick also got to play with his chainsaw.  These little alders weren’t much of a challenge though.

And then we are back to shooting again, and everyone took their turn. The grumpy old guys watched.


Then it was their turn.

The well-dressed urbanites also participated.

Some of us take our shooting a lot more seriously than others.

I couldn’t decide on the best caption for this picture.  Either “The Family That Shoots Together Stays Together” or Haven’t We Seen These Folks on That Movie Deliverance?”

A good time was had by all on both weekends and it was nice to be able to spend some time with our family.

4 comments on “Weekend at the Ranch – Part 2

  1. Tj says:

    The ‘deliverance’ photo cracked me up!

  2. ml says:

    Well, the two guys look pretty harmless, but I sure wouldn’t want to cross the ladies!

  3. Nick Dude says:

    Deliverance? Really… What is it with that movie? It sure gave us rednecks a bad rap…
    Regardless I had LOTS of fun!!
    Ruger 10/22
    SIG SAUER P238

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