New Chicks

The cute little fluff ball chicks we got a few weeks ago are growing up.

They are getting in their adult feathers now and kind of at that gawky stage.  If they were humans they would be teenagers with braces and acne.

Since the weather the past few days has been warmer and fairly dry, it was time to give the chicks some outdoor area.  The older hens are on the other side of the chicken coop – and the chicks are too young to mix with those girls yet.  So Rick and Alex put up a chick “playpen” for the new girls to enjoy.

They opened the chicken door to the new playpen – but at first no one was brave enough to step outside.

They crowded at the door and looked out, but no one was bold enough to venture forth.

After a few hours, one brave chick decided to come all the way out.

And eventually more chicks followed her lead.  We tossed some weeds out in their pen to entice them and encourage them to eat greens.

They decided that weeds are delicious.  These new girls are a Golden Sex Link, which is a cross between a Rhode Island Red and Rhode Island White.  They are called sex links because you can distinguish males from females by their color.  We hope this is accurate – remember Barnardette the odd hen who turned out to be Bernard the rooster?    This is what they should look like when they are mature hens.

By the way, the older hens must have figured out they were going to be replaced – as in put in the stewpot – because since we got the new chicks their egg production has improved dramatically.  I guess they just needed some incentive.

One comment on “New Chicks

  1. Tj says:

    That is a pretty good incentive 😉 Cute birds, even in the gawky stage.

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