We have just returned from Texas A & M and our daughter’s college graduation.  Here is a really blurry picture of the arena which was completely full even at 9 AM.

Six thousand, seven hundred and fifteen Aggies graduated in five ceremonies over three days.  According to Brandon who did the math, there were about one thousand three hundred and eighty at this ceremony.  Here is our Aggie Graduate – she is the one in the middle with the funny hat.

Actually the funny decorated hat.  In the vast sea of graduates it is hard to pick out your individual child, so many of them decorate the top of their hats to help their families identify them.  And besides it is fun and looks cool.

Hers is a princess castle and the words ” . . .happily ever after”  in hot pink and blue glitter.  The same technique  – and colors – I used to decorate her sweatshirts when she was in pre-school.  In some ways it doesn’t seem like all that long ago.

Brandon’s family got up very early and drove a very long way to attend her graduation.

So now our baby and her fiance are both A & M graduates.

Oh wait, that’s not her fiance Brandon.  This is his younger brother who will be a freshman at A & M in the fall.  He thought the glitter hat was so much fun he tried it on too.

Here are the happy Aggie graduates – Brandon graduated in December.

Another milestone in their lives complete.

4 comments on “Graduation

  1. Tj says:

    Awesome. congrats Megan.

    We just attended Zac’s fiance’s graduation from Fresno State, about the same amount in the Save Mart Center. Awesome moment. Well, actually a whole lot of moments.

  2. Michael says:

    Congratulations to Meagan!!! Your Indiana family wishes you the best! Now your Mom and Dad can switch from writing checks to Texas A&M to now writing them to the wedding coordinators.

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