Too Tough

You may remember the water troughs that froze solid during the freezing weather this past winter and turned into giant ice cubes.

The ice was so solid that the blow torch held directly on the surface barely melted a small puddle.

Even when the weather warmed up a bit and we were able to break the ice, it was still very cold and slushy and froze over every night for weeks.

Happily, though it has been a cold, wet spring those freezing temperatures are a distant memory now.  What amazes me about the frozen solid water troughs is that the goldfish we had in them survived the winter just fine.  If you look closely in this picture you can see the little fishies still swimming around in there.

When we change the water in the trough we try to scoop out the goldfish first.  Those little fish are quick and elusive though and I must admit a couple of times we have had to pick them up off the ground where they were flopping around in the puddle of water.  

I have decided goldfish are pretty hardy little creatures.  Being in a solid block of ice didn’t kill them.  Do all fish have that ability?  The only thing I really know about fish is that I like mine grilled with a little seasoned garlic butter.   When we dump – I mean carefully transfer – them into the fresh water, they swim off.

In case you’re wondering why we would put goldfish in our water trough, they eat the algae and some of the bugs and keep the water cleaner for the cattle.

And the cattle don’t seem to care at all that their water trough has goldfish swimming around in it.

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