Scratching Post

A few days ago we were preparing to load Nick the bull to take him to his new owners.  We are tweaking our breeding program for meat and though Nick is a great full-blood lowline bull we have replaced him with Ox who is a 3/4 lowline bull for a little bigger carcass.  

Nick really didn’t seem to care about any of this, what interested him was an alder tree that he was using as a scratching post.

All the cattle are shedding their heavy winter coats and apparently a good rub against a tree helps the shedding process along.

Nick the bull was very intent on his scratching and rubbing.  This side and that.

He was so intent on his scratching it was hard to get him away from the tree.

He really enjoyed his scratching tree.

Finally he was persuaded to leave his beloved tree and head over to the stock trailer.

 Of course he couldn’t pass me by without sniffing around to see if I had any treats for him.

Rick had the treats at the trailer so he went over to investigate.

Nick the bull and Daisy the heifer loaded up with very little trouble and Rick was off to deliver them and pick up the recalcitrant steer #5.

One comment on “Scratching Post

  1. mark says:

    My kind of rodeo!

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