New Crop

We have a new group of four yearling steers.

We were supposed to have five, but when they were being loaded #5 decided he wasn’t inclined to get in the trailer or go on a road trip.  Steer #5 took off with the fence panel stuck on his head that Rick had been holding before the steer bolted over the top of him.  I truly wish I had photos of that incident (Rick wasn’t hurt, just very surprised) to share with you, but alas I was at quilting class and no photographic evidence exists.  You can see how important it is that I stand there taking pictures while everyone else is working – unless of course I am at quilting, then you are on your own.

The pasture is greening up nicely and the heifers are enjoying the fresh grass too.

The four new boys – no we won’t be naming them, they are a meat crop – are getting used to their new surroundings which include the bulls Nick and Ox.  They all seem to be getting along fine.

They have caught on very quickly that Rick will bring them fresh hay as a treat and they line up at the fence waiting patiently.

The new steers aren’t the only ones enjoying the grass, these Canada Geese have been hanging out in the pasture the past week or so.

The cattle graze close to them and we walk by and they don’t seem concerned at all.

Apparently they have decided it is a good place to spend their spring.

7 comments on “New Crop

  1. ml says:

    ok – but what happened to #5? I have visions of him running down the streets in Sedro Woolley with Nick in hot persuit.

    • Brenda says:

      Steer #5, so far as I know, is still happily grazing in the pasture down at the breeders; he bolted from the loading area but was still contained.

      If Nick is running down the streets of Sedro-Woolley it isn’t because he is chasing our steer.

  2. ml says:

    that’s PURSUIT.

  3. mark says:

    That’s runnin’ and yellin’ and sweatin’ and maybe cussin’… mark

  4. DT says:

    I think you should name the new boys. How about John, Paul, George & Ringo?

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