After the long, cold, snowy winter we’ve had, I hesitate to say this . . . but I think it could finally be spring.  According to the calendar it was officially supposed to be spring a few weeks ago, but apparently whoever is in charge of the weather around here didn’t get the memo because our weather has still been cold and rainy.  A couple of days ago though, we had a breakthrough; warm and sunny weather!  We worked on fencing yesterday afternoon and I had to wear my sunglasses – amazing.  There are other signs of spring as well.  I have no idea what kind of shrub this is – but it is blooming.

The daffodils are in bloom.

Periwinkles are peeking out of the greenery.

And, if you look closely, the morel mushrooms are popping up too.

Did you see it?  They are pretty well camouflaged.

Here is a morel standing alone.

For me, the daffodils and morels make it official, it IS spring!  And it’s about time.

5 comments on “Spring?

  1. ml says:

    I gotta tell you, I love mushrooms, but I’m not sure I could eat anything that looks like that!

    • Brenda says:

      They might not look so appealing, but they taste WONDERFUL! A few days ago we had grilled steaks for dinner and I sauteed some fresh morels in butter with a little garlic and onion – mmmmgood.

  2. Tj says:

    I love morels. Absolutely wonderful. Mark said he saw a few and we always have lots of oyster mushrooms spring and fall. About spring though….. we had snow two days ago and it is raining again here.

  3. Brenda says:

    We’ve never tried oyster mushrooms – we have lots of “other” mushrooms that grow here but we don’t know what they are for sure or if they are poison or not, so we avoid them 😉 I’m sure some of them are edible and probably tasty but I’m not brave enough to experiment.

    We had snow again last night and today is bright sunshine. If the definition of spring is wildly changing weather this must be it.

  4. Michael says:

    I think spring has arrived in Indiana as well!! Lots of green and things are blooming, even though this weekend is going to be rainy and much cooler. The morels are also coming up in Indiana as well. I agree: That is a definite sign of spring. My dad and I found 61 morels last Sunday. My mom battered and fried them for us last night. They were very good!!!! Hopefully we can get out again soon and find some more!

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