Hogs Galore

I’ve noticed that there are several entirely different types of machines that share the name “hog.”  There is the drill I’ve only heard referred to as a hole hog.

Rick was a crew chief on the A-10 airplane which is affectionately known as the Warthog.

Which sometimes even has tusks.

There are motorcycles

and trucks.

Having hog in your name or title is just a popular thing it seems.  Our hogs are a lot  less flashy and exciting and a bit more . . . um “earthy.”

Yesterday afternoon Rick and I were just finishing up adding a floor to our hog hut (more on that adventure later) when we heard the town fire alarm go off.  In a tiny little town like ours, the fire department is all volunteer, and when a call comes in the siren goes off to notify everyone.  We looked up and saw smoke billowing over the trees at the edge of our property where we knew the Hog Zilla chipper was working on our neighbor’s slash pile.  Remember the Hog Zilla?

The HogZilla is the huge chipper machine that takes in logs and tree stumps into the grinder . . .

 . . . and shoots out wood chips – called “hog fuel.”

The HogZilla was now on fire.

To be continued.

I always hate it when I watch all the way to the end of a TV episode and they just get to the good part and then that message flashes across the screen!  I am on my way out the door for our day downriver though and you will just have to stay tuned for the rest of the story.

One comment on “Hogs Galore

  1. mark says:

    Not fair!!! Don’t hog all the information! If you know something… squeal!

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