Greener Pastures

After a long, snowy, cold winter the grass is slowly coming back to life and greening up.  The bovines are definitely enjoying the fresh, green grass.

They are not the only ones.

This pair of Canada Geese have been hanging out in the pasture too.  And they are becoming bolder about being near the cattle.

When the cattle venture  too close the geese fly off to the other end of the field, usually honking all the way.

Nick the Bull reminds me of Pig Pen; it seems he is always a mess.

Oh dear, I believe that is another cultural reference the younger generation will not understand.  Let me explain.  Pigpen is a character in the old Peanuts comic strip.

Remember Charlie Brown, Linus and Lucy?  Pigpen was the guy who was so dirty he had a dust cloud around him even in a snow storm.


Nick the Bull reminds me of him.

He’s a mess and I don’t think he cares.

2 comments on “Greener Pastures

  1. Tj says:

    You gotta love a piggy. And we didn’t need the cultural lesson. Wait, you mean it wasn’t just for us. I bet it is for those younguns of yours. Haha.

    Sunny and green here too. Vaccinated, branded and banded part of the herd yesterday and got sunburned.

    • Brenda says:

      Well of course we meant YOU youngsters – really 😉

      We’ve had over seven inches of rain in the past three days so sunburn hasn’t been a problem.

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