Fashion Statement

A couple of days ago it was cold day with a snow/rain slush falling.  In spite of the inclement weather, our son Alex and nephew Nick graciously volunteered to go out and do the evening feeding.  This left Rick and I free to stay in our nice warm, cozy house by the fire.  Aren’t they nice boys?  And yes, I do realize that neither of them are boys, but as I have explained to them, when I am 90 and you are 65 I’ll still call you boys and by then you will appreciate it.  Anyway, back to the boys feeding all the critters for us in the cold, wet weather.  Since it was so nice of them, I took their picture on the way out – not too far out you understand, just on the porch.  It was cold out there.

Don’t they look silly in those hats?  I would say they both have atrocious taste in buying hats, except they didn’t buy either of those hats.  They belong to us.   The “Elmer Fudd” model Nick has on is Rick’s.

A few weeks ago when it was 7 degrees out and the wind blowing about 40 miles an hour the ties under his chin were the only thing keeping that hat on his head and his ears from freezing.   The hat Alex has on , sort of an Indiana Jones model, is mine-by-default now.

I bought it for Rick when he said he needed a warm hat for winter.  Remember your mother telling you to keep your head covered to stay warm?  It’s very true.  And around here, it also keeps the rain / snow off your head which helps keep you warm too.  I am all for staying warm.  So, I bought Rick the hat and he wore it fishing and got dead fish guts and salmon eggs smears all over it, neither of which we could get off.  He then announced the hat was really too small for his head anyway and he needed a new bigger hat, and he would graciously give it to me – dead fish guts stains and all.  What a guy.  I found another hat that fit my head and smelled better, so the dead-fish-guts hat is our extra one for visitors.  The moral of this story is that if you visit us not only do we really hope you will do the feeding for us (especially if it is wet or cold outside), we will loan you our silliest and smelliest hats, then take your picture and publish it on the blog.  I don’t think this is going to do anything to hurt our chances for getting more guests do you?  We really don’t want to miss out on potential help.

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