Moving Hay

Since spring is apparently not arriving here anytime soon – we still have about eight inches of snow on the ground – we needed to get more hay for the cattle.  The farmer where we buy hay only had big bales left.  When Rick said big bales, I didn’t realize just how big that really is.  See how full the stock trailer is?

That is only two bales of hay.

Each bale is three feet high, by three feet wide, by eight feet long.

And weighs about a thousand pounds.  Our son Alex is here for a couple of weeks, and even with his help, the two of them couldn’t budge the bale.  So they had to cut it open and move it out of the trailer in chunks.

It didn’t make the neatest hay stack I’ve ever seen, but the cattle probably won’t mind.

Alex drove our favorite neighbor Roger’s tractor filled with fresh hay out to the heifers.

And Dolly the heifer wasted no time giving it a try.

We took our stock trailer with the other huge bale of hay inside back down to Marjorie’s pasture to feed the bulls and Dusty.  Ox, our yearling bull, decided he’d rather lay on it than eat it.  Nick the bull and Dusty the cow just ate around him.

This load of hay should last until spring, and then the cattle will be back to grazing on nice fresh grass.

One comment on “Moving Hay

  1. Tj says:

    Reminds me of what I am missing back home.

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