Snow Scenes

It has been snowing off and mostly on here for the past five days.  Not exactly the weather we expected for the first of March, but beautiful nevertheless.  In between feeding and watering all the animals – which takes a lot longer in the snow by the way –  I’ve been snapping pictures.

The branches of this pine tree in Marjorie’s yard were hanging low with the snow.

Grizzly and Molly have enjoyed frolicking in the snow.

The pigs with no names are still in their pen in the woods.  And our pig hut made out of leftovers seems to be working quite well and apparently was engineered correctly to withstand the snow load since the roof hasn’t caved in.

My whiskey barrel planter looks like a giant frosted cupcake.

I spotted this little robin sitting patiently in the snow laden tree waiting for spring.

What looks like a snow pup tent is actually our strawberry bed.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen blue skies.

The kitties have surprised us with how little the snow seems to bother them.  Miss Bess is doing her usual routine of walking the top of the fence and taunting the dogs down below.

I love the look of this old trailer.  I can just picture the Clydesdales pulling it through the snow.

The snow makes some interesting patterns on the top of the fence.

Our buildings covered in snow.  A serene, peaceful setting.

12 comments on “Snow Scenes

  1. ml says:

    and we worried about a flake or two in Bkfd.! Feb was cooler than normal,but we are back in the sixties and I like that just fine. Pretty as the snow is I hope it doesn’t last too long – you’ll run out of books!

  2. Bob says:

    Hey do you have a picture of your sign post? The one by the fence.

  3. Tj says:

    Snow is beautiful and these shots are beautiful. I hear that our ranch has had quite a bit too although it is raining there now. Still sunny in Vegas.

  4. Sandra Demel says:

    I so appreciated seeing your snow pictures as my art students are in the process of painting snow.
    The snow covered pine bough was especially helpful research.
    Also your gray kitty on the fence made my heart leap. I thought she was my old favorite mixed Russian
    Blue cat reincarnated. Russian Blues have what is know as a double coat and do well in the cold.
    Thanks again for your photos. Sandra

    • Brenda says:

      Hi Sandra,

      Thanks for visiting! I’m glad your art students were able to use some of the pictures. I have great admiration for artists as I am totally art challenged.

      Though we’ve had cats for many years, the gray cats are new for us. They do have wonderful thick coats and Harry especially is very friendly and loving.

  5. Alix says:

    Hi Brenda,
    These are such beautiful photos! So beautiful in fact that a client of mine has asked if I could use the photo second from the top in a custom photo for them. They had a photographer come and do there son’s wedding but she forgot to take a photo of the groom, bride and his parents. The photos where taken with a background similar to your photo and they where hoping to have me recreate a photo for them in Photoshop. Would you be alright with me using it?
    Thanks for your time,

    • Brenda says:

      Hi Alix,
      Thanks for asking – yes, please use the photo for your client’s wedding picture. I hope it works out for them. Could you send me a copy when you are done? I’d love to see it.

  6. leslie says:

    thats a beautiful pine forest pics. love the angle and composition!

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