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A couple of weeks ago I got an e-mail from a very nice gentleman who kindly inquired if he could make a reservation at our Ranch Bed &  Breakfast.  Since we don’t have a Ranch B & B that didn’t work out so well.  

The more I thought about it, the more it made me laugh.  Rick and I have been privileged to stay at some wonderful B & B’s over the years, like the one above.  Katy’s Inn in La Conner, Washington.  Lovely, elegant homes with charming accommodations and gourmet food prepared by truly inspired chefs and served in beautiful, artistic presentations.  And after the meal the gracious hosts have taken time to discuss our plans and preferences and offer thoughtful suggestions on the local attractions which would suit us best.  I really don’t think we qualify.  Let me illustrate the activities we have for our guests.  

 Brandon dug rocks while Megan leaned on a shovel.

Larry helped stretch the wire on the fence, and then nailed it all in place as he is able to hammer with his left hand too.

Nick helped build the fence around the dog pen.

Alex helped his dad put up trim in the shed.

Megan backed up the lawn tractor so she could unload the firewood.

Young or old it doesn’t matter, we put them all to work.  Here Grandpa Russell is raking rocks in the orchard while Molly looks on. 


Brandon digging more rocks and now Megan has disappeared completely. I think maybe there is a theme with the rocks?

Larry changing out the ceiling fan – he’s also an electrical engineer.  It helps to have skilled friends.

Nephew Nick hauling a piece of heavy lumber.

Alex stacking more firewood.

I think you get the idea; it’s not all fun and games here.  There is work to be done and we are happy to have our guests help to do it.  Some people are just exhausted – Katie had to catch a nap before dinner.


Speaking of dinner, our friends have enjoyed some wonderful, delicious meals.  Mostly ones they have provided and prepared themselves.  The shish kabobs Karla made for us were as tasty as they were colorful.

And we also threw a few shrimp on the fire.

Grandma Mary Lou also cooked dinner at the fire pit. 

Some of our guests are not that ambitious.  Here is Nick’s idea of a great lunch.

The accommodations vary as well.  Some of our guests have enjoyed beautiful, luxurious even, “all the comforts of home” places to stay. 

Those were the lodgings the guests brought with them.  The accommodations we provide are a bit more rustic. 

I think sleeping bags on air mattresses (only one of which will stay aired up all night)  in the loft over the chicken coop with no ” indoor facilities” could be described as rustic – don’t you?  The view is incredible though, and I put up cheesecloth so the mosquitos wouldn’t be too thick inside.  Since we got the cats the mice population has decreased quite a bit too.   

And last but not least, we don’t require all our guests to dig holes in the rocks.  Some we allow to haul water to our plants out front, which is what Erynn and Hannah were doing with the garden tractor. 

And afterward we gave them a ride in our deluxe ranch vehicle – in the back of course.  If we had known Bruce was a Kansas alum we wouldn’t have even let him sit in the back.  Notice he’s trying to cover up our Texas A & M logo?  Shame on you Bruce – Go Aggies!

 So, I think the local Bed & Breakfasts are pretty safe from competition from us.  However, if you’re interested in very rustic accommodations, bringing and cooking your own food (and some for us too, of course) and you like to dig post holes in ground with lots of rocks, or build fence or have some other skill that matches one of the many projects on our list, let us know!  We’d love to have you.

5 comments on “Bed & Breakfast

  1. Tj says:

    sign me up, the hosts apparently have a great sense of humor

  2. Larry says:

    Cute!!! I love it. Maybe we could help with a stay at Ranch B&B this summer and knock a few of those chores off the list.

  3. ml says:

    I will venture a guess that all of your guests enjoyed their “chores” – always more fun when it’s not being done at home. Oh, and Nick cooks the same thing at our cabin in the mountains – only blacker.

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