Thinning Trees

I’ve been asked “aren’t you sad to cut down all your trees?”  If we had cut down all our trees I would be very sad, but we did not  – and we never plan to do that.  We love our woods, and I am happy to tell you we have lots of trees and they are healthier than before.  This is the woods before thinning; too many trees too close together.  Too much competition for nutrients, not enough light or room for them to grow well.

This is the woods after thinning.  Still lots of trees; with less competition for soil nutrients, and enough room and light to grow.

Many of the trees before reminded me of my garden last year when I dropped the open seed packet and ended up with my carrot seeds too close.  Way too crowded and all on top of each other. So they selected the too-crowded trees and took them out to allow the others to grow healthy and strong.

We love our trees; and our woods is a beautiful and peaceful place.  

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