For all those of you who couldn’t sleep the past couple of nights wondering if the pigs were still in their pen, you can rest easy now.  No escaped porkers. 

We do however have rain in the forecast for the next seven days – which is as far out as our forecast goes – so we decided we had better get the pig shelter done today.  I’m sure you could probably buy a ready-made shelter somewhere, but that would cost money we would rather spend on something else, and we have lots of leftover building materials from our various projects so we knew we could come up with something that would work.  We took pallets and fitted together leftover pieces of OSB like jigsaw pieces. 

Nephew Nick screwed the pieces down and Rick trimmed the edges off.  

Grizzly helped out by sitting on Nick’s foot.  Just in case you think I’m getting a little absent-minded and put the same picture in two posts back to back (which could happen) not so (at least this time).  This is a different picture of Grizzly sitting on Nick’s foot.  Did I mention that Grizzly does that a lot?

So, after they got the sides and back built, Nick wheeled them over to the pig pen.  Aren’t we lucky to have a strong young man who is willing to help here visiting? 

The guys were very happy to get the shelter set up in the corner of the pig pen. 

We added some salvaged boards across the top and scraps of roofing and voila!  A pig shelter completely made of leftovers.  It didn’t take long for the hogs to check out their new abode and they seem to approve. 

Their favorite thing though is feeding time. 

One comment on “Leftovers

  1. […] The pen is now more than twice as big as it was for the last hogs we had a couple of years ago – though we only had two then.  The new hogs wasted no time checking our the deluxe hog hut. In case you missed the creation of the hog hut, you can read all about it here. […]

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