New Critters

We’ve been planning to get some new critters here at the ranch for a while.  Our nephew Nick is visiting and willing to help, so it seemed like the perfect time to build a pen.  Of course, when you do much of anything outdoors, the dogs are there to help you.  Grizzly in particular always wants to be right with you at all times.

Grizzly wants to make sure that nothing happens without him, so his favorite place to be is right between your legs.  If you stand still, you will find him there.

Rick and Nick put in T-posts and wired the fence panels together while Molly and I watched.

We put the pen at the edge of the woods so the intended occupants could forage.

The bottom of the pen is reinforced with rocks and logs.  Any guesses what we are planning to put in the pen?

One more clue.  We put some popcorn, mushrooms and other delicacies in the stock trailer to entice the new critters inside for the ride home.  

And it worked! 

Two Tamworth pigs loaded in the trailer with no problem, and made themselves comfortable in the hay bales for the trip back to our ranch.

They seemed curious to explore their new surroundings when we got them home.

Cute in a porcine kind of way. 

They wasted no time before they started rooting and foraging.

Salal – which grows wild here – is one of their favorite foods.

After seeing how strong they are and how easily they root, we are hoping our pen is sturdy enough to hold them.  I guess we will know for sure in the morning!

One comment on “New Critters

  1. Tj says:

    I was just saying today that I need to get some domestics… pigs, that is. We were hiking in the West Maui Mountains and saw pig signs, wallows and such, not the wooden kind! We also an incredibly built fence with wire buried into the ground protecting an area. I hope your fence holds. Feed them good.

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