Too Easy

I was organizing some of my many pictures and found these of a little happening on a beautiful late fall day.

Those of you who have been reading the blog for a while might remember that I have commented – OK I admit it, I have whined – about building fences and especially how much I don’t like digging fence post holes in all the rocks in our soil.   

In late September on a gorgeous autumn day, we were planning to hang a gate and so we needed to put in only two posts; and as an extra bonus they were at Marjorie’s pasture which is soft, easy soil to work with compared to our rocks.  How hard could that be?  We loaded up our tools, including the auger and headed to Marjorie’s field.

We started the auger up and it drilled out a hole without a hitch – and without hitting any rocks!  A first, a miracle!  Just to give you a comparison, when we dig post holes at our place we usually drill about six inches with the auger then hit at least one rock, lift out the auger, use the large and/or small pry bar – depending on how big the rock is – to get the rock(s) out.  Then lift the auger back into the hole and drill a few more inches and hit another rock or two and so on and so on until we get to the necessary depth when we dig post holes on our property.  We were so excited we decided to dig the remaining hole without even lifting the auger out, just drill it right in. 

We drilled it in all right.  All the way down into that soft soil; so far the handles were barely sticking out above the ground.  And it was stuck!  It was buried so deep we couldn’t lift it out.  So, we had to go home and retrieve our all-too-familiar pry bars and carefully – and slowly – dig it out.  How ironic!  We didn’t run into any rocks and ended up digging out the auger.  It seems funny now, but at the time it was really annoying.  At last, after much digging and tugging we did get the auger out of the hole.  We mixed up some cement and put in the posts.

And we never did get the gate hung.

2 comments on “Too Easy

  1. Robert says:

    Never used an auger, does it not have a reverse mode for getting it out of a hole?

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