The Rains Came Down

After the big snow came the rain.  It rained, and rained and rained.  And rained – you get the idea.  It rained so much that our rain gauge (which holds five and a half inches) overflowed twice.  Our ground is pretty rocky and drains well so we didn’t have any flooding issues.  Marjorie’s pasture is another matter.  We call this “Lake Marjorie.”

Luckily there are dry islands, including the one our cattle are on.  They are just visible on the far right in the back, and we – actually Rick, I was sick then, needed to get in to feed them.

Of course he could have parked in Marjorie’s driveway and walked in, but what would be the challenge in that?  So across the flooded field he drove.

I was not there to witness this trip, but I hear it was a very wild ride and a watery, muddy mess and from the looks of his truck I think that is an understatement.

Rick also want me to mention that of course he made it.

4 comments on “The Rains Came Down

  1. ml says:


  2. Tj says:

    I think your truck is LOOKIN’ GOOOD! mark

  3. the nick dude says:

    Looks like lots of fun! So if Rick didn’t make it, who and what would be able to pull him out?

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