Did You Ever Wonder . . .

Why everything looks better covered in snow?  Everyday, ordinary objects seem to take on a pristine beauty when covered in a fresh blanket of snow.

I wonder what it is about some frozen ice crystals that changes the look of things?

What is it about a fresh coating of powdery snow that renders even a saggy orchard fence (which we are for sure going to get finished this next spring) an object of beauty?

I understand why objects that were attractive and appealing before look even better with a coat of fresh powder.

But a slash pile – really not such a beautiful sight.  Covered in snow though it takes on a whole new look.

Almost artistic looking.

A phenomenon I don’t understand . . . but I do appreciate!

One comment on “Did You Ever Wonder . . .

  1. Tj says:

    White as snow…..

    He too covers all our imperfections and we shine as works of art. His art.

    Nice photos. Warm and sunny here. I hear that you all are getting quite the storm.

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