Die Hards

I have a confession.  I am not much of a “brave the elements” outdoor person, not much at all.  I most enjoy a snowy day when watching it out the window while I read a good book by the cozy fire.  So you can imagine my amazement at the sight I found on the river on a recent snow day.  We got about eight inches of snow overnight and the snowplow was out trying to clear the roads.

The roadway on the  bridge was cleared of most of the snow.

As I looked down on the cold, snowy river I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Could that really be fisherman down there in the icy cold water?  Maybe their boat capsized?

No they have left their boat which seems to be all in one piece and upright, and they are standing in the icy cold water with a rain/snow mix falling and they are fishing!  And I bet they think this is fun.  There is not a fish in the sea – or river as they case may be – worth standing in icy water and blowing snow in my humble opinion.  At the risk of being accused of gender stereotypes, I must point out that I have never seen a woman do this.  There may be one somewhere, but I have never seen it here.  It is always the guys.    Unbelievable!  I am going back to my hot tea now by the fire.

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