Taking Care

I’ve been pleasantly surprised and impressed with the care and precision of the loggers – especially after seeing the huge equipment they use.  We have heard the horror stories of logging.  How they tear up everything in sight, cut down all the trees and generally have no regard for the land or anything on it.  I am happy to say that has not been our experience at all.  We marked the trees – and even stumps – we wanted to keep and the logging crew has been very conscientious about avoiding them.

We don’t have very many obstacles to work around, but they have managed to avoid the ones we do have. I watched as they moved this load of logs, and frankly I figured the fence was coming down for sure.

The equipment is so big the logs look like pick-up sticks (does anyone else remember that game?) but they operate with precision.   

And they never touched the fence.

I’ve also been pleased to learn that they use up just about every part of every tree.   After they take the big logs out they gather up all the treetops, limbs and stumps into these big “slash” piles.  All this used to go to waste – it was either burned or buried in a big hole.

When they are done with the rest of the logging, a chipper comes and chips up all the slash and the wood chips are used to fuel a local co-generation plant.

A win-win for everyone.

4 comments on “Taking Care

  1. The Nick Dude says:

    Pick up sticks? What is that? Was there really a game called pick up sticks? What was it like? Did you gather friends together and see who could pick up the sticks the fastest? That was way before my time.

  2. Tj says:

    Green logging…go figure.

  3. mark says:

    We were about 50 miles too far from the biomass plant to utilize our tree tops and limbs, but normally the same is done here. The biggest difference between your place and ours is that your job would require about two more years of “hoops” before it could be started here. Did Rick get to operate any of the machinery? Fall any trees? I guess I already know the answer…(the fence is still up). mark

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