It’s Not Fair!

Harry and Bess, the kittens, are growing up.  They are curious little kitties who love exploring.

The garden shed / chicken coop is their home, so they wander all around the garden and orchard.  They especially enjoy the fences which they think are their own climbing apparatus.


 Their climbing ability allows them to go places that are strictly off-limits to the dogs – and they seem to enjoy flaunting it.

The dogs and cats have learned to co-exist peacefully most of the time; but Molly watches them very closely through the garden fence.

Molly seems very puzzled that the cats are allowed to go places and do things that the dogs are not.  Some people – not to mention any names but it is NOT me – even allow, no actually encourage the cats to climb on them.

Grizzly watches all this and I can almost hear him thinking “It’s not fair!”

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