Photographically Challenged

I don’t want to say that Rick usually takes bad pictures exactly.  It’s just that his finger is usually visible . . .

Or the subjects are very blurry . . .

Or, oops, the finger again. . .

So, given his history aren’t you impressed with this sunrise picture of the ranch we visited in Montana?

Of course, you would have known someone else took this picture when you saw it was the sun rising over the mountains.  Because I don’t do mornings, especially early mornings.  I don’t know what time the sun was streaking over the horizon because my eyes are not open at that hour.  So, isn’t it nice that Rick took these beautiful sunrise pictures for us?  And it is in focus and you can’t see his fingers?

One comment on “Photographically Challenged

  1. mark says:

    You know… God’s fingerprints are all over His creation…. just sayin’ mark

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