Christmas Surprise!

It was 25 years ago today that we got an early Christmas Gift.  Though our first child was not due until January, he arrived ahead of schedule on Friday, December 13th.  To say that his birth changed our Christmas – and the rest of our lives –  is quite an understatement.

 This is my favorite picture of Alex.   He was five years old and running away from home.  I don’t really remember why he was leaving – though he was certainly upset about something – but before he went out the door I asked if I could take a picture to remember him by.

He acquiesced to my request for a photo, but you can see by the disgusted look on his face he wasn’t happy about it.  So, loaded down with his legos, snacks and teddy bear (named not very originally A-Bear) he went off down the driveway.  He stayed camped out by the mailbox for a while; it’s hard to cover a lot of territory when you’re not allowed to cross the street.  Eventually he came back to live with us again and we were very glad.

Happy Birthday Alex!  We love you and will see you soon!

One comment on “Christmas Surprise!

  1. tj says:

    Happy Birthday. I love the running away photo and story. Classic

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