Fencing and Pastures

Having participated in one cattle chase through the woods we are not anxious to repeat that experience, so we have decided to clear a little more of our land to put in perimeter fencing and have more pasture.  As important to us as deciding which trees to take out is deciding which ones to leave.  We want to have a little more room, fencing and pasture, not a clearcut.  So we have been busy with our marking tape.

We have never been involved in a logging project before, so we weren’t sure exactly what kind of equipment is involved.

It has been kind of interesting to go out and see what piece has shown up.  One thing they all have in common.

They are HUGE.

This, I have learned, is a processor.

This, I believe, is as excavator.

This is one of our property lines they are clearing for a fence.  The loggers have been very careful to know exactly where the line is and stay on our side.  We appreciate that and I’m sure our neighbors do too.

Working together they can cut and stack an amazing amount of trees in a short period of time.

They sort all the logs into piles depending on length and diameter.  Doesn’t Rick look official in his hard hat?  They didn’t give me one.

This is our back pasture or the “north 40.”  It used to end right where the Scout is parked, now it is extended 25 or 30 feet and the fence will go along the new treeline.

5 comments on “Fencing and Pastures

  1. tj says:

    Pretty exciting stuff.

  2. mark says:

    Now that you know how it’s done… COME ON DOWN! mark

  3. ml says:

    How much spotted owl habitat was removed in this project? Do they excavate the rocks, too? Looks like you have had some good weather for the work.

    • Brenda says:

      We didn’t see any spotted owls and I’m sure we would never had our permit approved if there were any – Molly and Grizzly must have chased them off.

      The rocks pretty much come with the trees and stumps; and they just pull them up. It is amazing to watch.

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