Critters in the Snow

I am happy to report that the extreme cold weather we had last week has passed on over the Cascades.  We still have a few inches of snow on the ground, but our temperatures have climbed well out of the single digits.  The animals have had varying reactions to the snow and cold weather.  We are feeding the cattle hay and they come running when they see us pull up.

The water troughs are still slushy, but not frozen solid so the bovines have an easier time getting water.

While our week of wild weather seemed extreme to us, compared to the weather at the cattle ranch we visited in Montana this was nothing.  See our new heifer from Montana # 815 (who still needs a better name by the way).  Take a close look at her ears.

Notice anything different from Dusty’s ears?

A chunk of #815’s ears froze off – really.  Shortly after she was born there  was a very cold Montana storm,  -35 degrees below zero is not unheard of there, and she got frostbite on her extremities.  She’s missing part of her tail too.

So, compared to that kind of weather, our little cold snap was nothing for the cattle!

The chickens don’t seem quite convinced that snow is their favorite thing.  These two just stood in the gateway looking out and trying to decide what to do.  We put a light bulb near their water so as long as we have power, their water isn’t frozen.  As the snow lingers the hens are venturing out more and more.

The two least affected by the weather are the kittens Harry and Bess.  They live in the shed so it’s not too cold, and have a nice warm bed all to themselves.

We feed the cats on top of the wood shaving bales so their food is out of the dog’s reach.  It really doesn’t seem too fair for the cats to eat  the dog’s food – but they do every chance they get.


The dogs don’t have it so bad though.  During the day they have their warm bed on the porch and at night they sleep in their completely insulated dog house.

And so far Molly has only chewed one small hole in the cover.  Quite an improvement over the last bed which they tore into so many pieces it looked like confetti all over the front yard.

2 comments on “Critters in the Snow

  1. Tj says:

    Looks like all is well down on the farm. Ihave to say though that our animals have it made since we don’t see snow or freezing weather like that.

  2. Karla says:

    Hey, Just took a cup of coffee and read down a few Chapters of life at AAR! I’m hoping you get some dark, clear nights to see the stars, although you get a harder freeze…I really miss that! Place looks great and without a doubt you are working extremely hard. Those snow storm pics bring back lots of memories! I think your blog is terrific! Hugs, k

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