The View

OK Folks – I’m typing as fast as I can and you better read this quick before our power goes out yet again.  This is the view from our porch this morning.

Is started snowing sometime in the night.  Now it looks like a Christmas postcard with the flakes falling gently.

This is the edge of our circle gravel drive way.  I guess we will get to see how my little SUV does in the snow on the way to church.

4 comments on “The View

  1. GunDiva says:

    That is beautiful. I hope the drive to church was uneventful.

    • Brenda says:

      My trailblazer got us to church and back in the snow with no problems! Didn’t even have to use four wheel drive – but it is only about six inches . . . so far.

  2. ml says:

    PRETTY! If our weather report is right(now, there is an oxy moron) you had more snow last night and/ or today and I am perfectly content to look at thru your pictures. Did your SUV do ok?

    • Brenda says:

      No more snow last night, but we talked to some folks downriver and they said it is snowing there now, so I guess we will see if it makes it up here.

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